The benefits of investing in the tourism and leisure industry The entertainment and entertainment sectors all over the world are one of the most attractive opportunities for investors and they strive to capture the market of other countries in addition to capturing their own domestic markets. Iran is a country with four seasons and a good tourist attraction. The leisure industry can earn 10 times as much revenue as oil. Due to the ever-expanding tourism industry, or the invisible export of large-scale venture capital, the sector has been quiet. But as you know, this is not the only hotel or tourism sector that can create significant added value for capital owners. In the absence of attractions of man-made nature and pristine nature, recreational complexes will attract tourists and create high added value which will bring relatively low and close-to-zero investment risk. Most investors do not enter the industry because of their lack of familiarity with the tourism industry, but we intend to provide a clearer perspective for investors by providing solutions and profit-based services. Packages of capital areas and documentation will help you choose the best option  Those interested in this type of investment need to keep in mind that if invested in such sets, the added value of the investment will increase exponentially, as each of the investment entities will in turn create greater financial value for the investors.