About us

Turan Tash is taken from two regions of Turan and Tash. These areas are called Tash in the north of Shahroud and in the slopes of Alborz Mountains and Shahvar Peak in the vicinity of the unique forest of Ors and the other in the protected area of ​​Turan in the south of Shahroud and Dasht. The desert is an Iranian cheetah and zebra biomass These two climates, less than 150 kilometers from Shahrud City, have all what a diverse climate needs, giving the region a special beauty. Sandy sand dunes, hillsides and small and beautiful lagoons, mountains as well as natural caves, Hyrcanian and Urs forests and lush plains Our team with over 19 years of engineering and business knowledge in the field of electronics and mechanics and commerce has been providing services to the industrial and mining sectors, and since 2015 has emerged as an exciting tourism market using its industrial experience and its alignment. The requirements and standards of this field have given a new perspective to enthusiasts and investors in the tourism and entertainment industry. We hope to serve you in this way with the help of God Almighty and all the dear ones in this industry.